We are Hiring an Operations Manager

About Huli

Huli is a fast-growing well funded healthtech startup operating in Latin America and based in San Jose, Costa Rica. We develop and offer solutions that connect patients and health providers. We are currently present in Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama, offering our SaaS solutions to thousands of doctors that, at the same time, are serving millions of patients every year across these three markets.

Over the last couple of years, Huli has earned prizes, distinctions and relevant recognition from several prestigious organizations and competitions. Among them:

We aspire to do great things, shaping the health sector in Latin America for the better by using technology to improve quality and access for all. By doing so successfully, we will be the first unicorn from Costa Rica 💪

About the job

At Huli we build our own products, we view our work as an opportunity to efficiently deliver value to our users and that is aligned with our long-term vision.

We are convinced that the right people make a big difference, that’s why we put a lot of attention and effort into promoting a work-environment that is fast-paced, highly challenging and collaborative, for talented people that enjoy constant learning and growth. We love to surround ourselves with passionate and committed people who motivate us just by working alongside each other and that push us to be better every single day.

This person will have the responsibility to serve as liaison between the CEO and his peers in the management team, the other functions’ department heads.

In your day to day you will:

Assist the CEO in pushing forward the company’s strategic plan, adjusting it on the go reacting to the early outcomes, challenges and feedback, and translating the evolving strategic plan into an actionable work plan for the rest of the team.

Develop and always keeping updated a detailed, company-wide work plan using a cloud based project management tool that includes the following elements for each department:

  • Goals.
  • Task & subtasks.
  • Individuals responsible for tasks.
  • Resources needed for successful task completion.
  • Timelines for task completion.
  • Task status.
  • Deliverables related to each task.
  • Clarity with regards to the operational consequences of delays and failure.

Conduct weekly one-on-one meetings with department heads to review each work plan:

  • Share any changes to goals determined in conjunction with the CEO.
  • Verify progress on and completion of tasks by reviewing deliverables.
  • Help department heads organize and prioritize tasks and resources based on department and company-wide goals and deliverables. Adjust timelines when needed.
  • Identify and provide the resources needed.
  • Review team members’ performance for unusually excellent and below standard work .
  • Agree on action plans to address below standard work.

Coordinate weekly meetings of all department heads together:

  • Share and calibrate work plan status of each department, including ahead of plan, behind plan, changes to plan, resources and coordination needed from other departments.
  • Review sales funnel to identify operational needs from other departments.
  • Review product marketing plans and changes for support from other departments.
  • Proactively suggest budget changes as needed (based on needs arising from work plan and one-on-one meetings with department heads) to Financial Manager and CEO.

Assist the CEO and Financial Manager to create, monitor and adjust annual budget:

  • Create and maintain a detailed “bottom up” budget based on the operations work plan.
  • Review budget to actuals with the Financial Manager and CEO, then by department with department heads monthly.
  • Proactively suggest budget changes as needed (based on needs arising from work plan and one-on-one meetings with department heads) to Financial Manager and CEO.
  • Carry out deep analysis of financial & operating metrics.

Assist the CEO and People Manager to establish and manage employee job descriptions, compensation and incentives:

  • Work with the People Manager to review all employee job descriptions annually, submitted by department heads in conjunction with HR department head.
  • Work with the People Manager to establish competitive industry-based base compensation plan, and review it annually to ensure competitiveness, with help from the HR department head and agreement of the People Manager.
  • Work with the CEO and People Manager to establish proper performance review criteria and mechanisms as well as an incentive-based compensation plan, fully aligned with employee performance and overall company results (both quarterly and annually).

Assist the People Manager to conduct quarterly employee performance reviews tied to the incentive-based compensation plan:

  • Conduct quarterly meetings of department heads to review all employee self evaluations against standards for incentive bonuses. Discuss and agree on outliers (below and above usual bonuses).

Collaborate with the People Manager to generate the non-economic incentives and atmosphere to promote productivity and collaboration.

Overall, this position’s performance is measured by the company’s operational efficiency and its effectiveness in completing its goals on time and in the best possible quality standards.

Qualifications to apply:

For this position, we are looking for people who have a minimum experience of 3 years working as Operations Manager or Project Manager for complex projects with large teams; coordinating department leads, and through them, aligning subordinates. S/he will also possesses extensive know-how managing the company’s goals achievement process and ideally using the Agile software development strategy or similar.

A successful candidate for the Operations position will have significant direct experience in, and understanding of the large majority of the company’s functions including workflows and software tools for:

  • Engineering and product development
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Customer Success
  • Human Relations
  • IT

Major degree in business administration, management, engineering or similar is required.

Master degree in business administration or relevant field.

How to apply:

Send us an email to jobs@huli.io with your cover letter, CV and LinkedIn profile.